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About B•O•B•A
Bert Online Biogas Academy

B•O•B•A offers various online biogas solutions. From basic biogas training, free of charge, to various levals of customized services you can purchase.

We want to share biogas knowledge and understanding with our audience. Key advantage of our webinar style is the interactive format. Participants can ask questions and can get individual answers. This is a unique format for biogas learning, training and consulting. All sessions include Q&A. We want to go from biogas IQ to Biogas WeQ.

This is the platform for you to share your biogas experience. Write to us about your experience, questions and issues. We like to integrate your stories, pics & videos. We want to hear about the potential you see and that you like to share with others.

Biogas cleans up biowaste, helps cleaning up lakes, creates jobs and income and brings light in the darkness so kids & students can learn at night and wives can cook and gain time without collecting wood.

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Our Partners

B•O•B•A is partnering with other organizations like universities, equipment suppliers, local experts, and other interested parties. Contact us if you are interested in cooperating with us.


Crescent College

Our Team

We are a team of cleantech experienced people from various countries.

Thomas Dory

Thomas Dory has reinvented standardized small biogas plants 2010 in Germany. Over 100 biogas plants have been build using his concept. His focus is on always on economic viable biogas solutions. 

To cut biogas plant cost substantially he invented the containerized biogas system: Bert MobilContainerized biogas solutions will offer completely new options for project holders. 

His global business background helped to bring this idea everywhere, since biomass is everywhere, and electricity is needed everywhere too. Still millions of people in the world have no electricity but biomass is readily available 

Thomas Dory has been lecturing about biogas at various Universities and institutions in Asia, South America and Europe. His focus is on the practical biogas application.

Uma Dotc

Sustainability lifestyle promoter with years of experience in creating awareness and setting up sustainability initiatives. Her passion for promoting sustainable lifestyle and waste management influenced her to become founder of Upcycle IT. 
Her experience comes with years of expertise as Graphic Designer prior to her career shift to sustainability out of passion. She is playing a significant role for years in promoting sustainable lifestyle among the different group of people. She has hands-on experience in setting up sustainability initiatives like Suseum – The Sustainability Museum, UpcycleIT (conducting waste management awareness workshops to make products from waste materials and to promote upcycling). She coordinated regularly with the local organisations and NGO to support the environment. Her works have been featured in number of printed news articles in India. 

Ramon van Herwijnen

Co founder of Dutch based Tesla Eco Systems. Coming from a marketing & communications background I have developed an interest in contributing to solving the world’s solid waste problem, converting it into renewable energy. An other point of interest is the application of biogas in relation to the need to comply with strict Dutch regulations when it comes to manure/slurry volumes produced by livestock owners.


Michael is the operator of a bert biogas plant in South Africa. A short introduction will follow soon.


Expert from the UK. A short introduction will follow

P. Dev Anand

Dev Anand is Chairman and Managing director of Kankyo Group of Companies, bringing more than 3 decades of experience in the field of renewable energy, water and waste water treatment, thermal engineering and solid waste management. This visionary leader with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive leads process engineering, research & development, business development – global & local markets and responsible for the corporate strategy of Kankyo and EPC organization providing total environmental solutions.

Feedback is highly appreciated

Do you have suggestions regarding topics and our presentation. Are you planning a biogas project or are you having problems with your biogas installation and could you need some advice? Just let us know and we will contact you