Intermediate biogas level – 201

Bert Biogas plant Germany arial view

Intermediate biogas leval 201

Course Description

Basic biogas understanding is required. This leval is going in the details of all steps of a biogas process and project. You will learn what to look for to make a profitable biogas business.

We will run this course when we have adequate number of participants. Please send us an email if you like to register for that course.  



Webinar Course Instructor

Thomas Dory

Thomas Dory has reinvented standardized small biogas plants 2010 in Germany. Over 100 biogas plants have been build using his concept. His focus is on always on economic viable biogas solutions. To cut biogas plant cost substantially he invented the containerized biogas system: Bert Mobil. Containerized biogas solutions will offer completely new options for project holders. His global business background helped to bring this idea everywhere, since biomass is everywhere, and electricity is needed everywhere too. Still millions of people in the world have no electricity but biomass is readily available. Thomas Dory has been lecturing about biogas at various Universities and institutions in Asia, South America and Europe. His focus is on the practical biogas application.